Our Story

All Throughout High School And College, I Had Terrible Sleeping And Eating Habits. I Lived Off Of The $1 Menu At A Round Robin Of Fast-Food Restaurants And Was Sleeping At 4am For Nearly A Decade. So It Wasn’t A Surprise When I Started My First 'Adult' Job In 2013 That I Went From 0 Cups Of Coffee To Needing 6 Cups Of Coffee Just To Barely Make It Through The Day.

It Didn’t Take Long Before I Knew That I Needed To Make A Change And Quickly! I Found Out About A Diet Called The 'Keto Diet' And It Didn’t Take Long Before I Was Baking  My Own keto-friendly treats And Snacks As There Wasn’t Anything Available On The Market. As The Years Went By, New Products Came Onto The Market And I Tried Them All.

Unfortunately, None Of Them Ever Truly Satisfied My Cravings For A Sweet And Decadent Treat. It Wasn’t Until I Tried A Highly Regarded Keto Treat With Rave Reviews And I Was Let Down For The Last Time That I Needed To Do Something.

In 2019, I Started Krack’d Snacks (Formerly Keto Krack’d) And It Was My Mission To Create A Truly healthy indulgent snack, With Very Low Sugar And Carbs. I Purchased Confectionery Books, Took Chocolate Making Courses, Learned The Science Of Candy-Making, And After Years And Hundreds Of Iterations Later, We Launched Our First Product, The Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch.

Today, We’re Focused On Helping Not Only Our Loved Ones develop healthy eating habits, But Also Anyone Looking To Cut Down On Sugar By Offering Decadent Snacks Without The Guilt!

Our Premium Ingredients: All Natural, Organic & Clean Label

We Work Directly With Suppliers To Source Only The Finest Ingredients. We Don't Rely On Outsourced Manufacturing, Either. Everything That Goes Into Our Products Is Something That We Purchase Directly.

  • Organic Ecuadorian Cacao

    Sourced from the highest graded, single-origin Arriba (also known as Nacional) Ecuadorian cacao beans are among the few aromatic beans in the world. This rare treasure boasts a strong, unique aroma and a rich, smooth flavor prized by chocolate makers worldwide.

    Hand-harvested from the cacao tree, our beans undergo meticulous processing, from drying and cleaning to roasting and grinding, on their journey to becoming keto-friendly dark chocolate goodness. Packed with minerals and antioxidants, dark chocolate offers more benefits than green tea, including reduced blood pressure and lowered risk of heart disease. Day-Maker!

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  • Organic Ecuadorian Cocoa Powder

    The Highest Graded, Single Origin, Arriba (Also Known As Nacional) Ecuadorian Cacao Beans Are One Of The Few Fine Aromatic Beans In The World. This High Quality Cacao Bean Is Preferred By Chocolate Makers because of Its Superior, Strong and Unique Aroma, Prized For Its Rich And Smooth Flavor.

    Cocoa Powder Is The Remaining Solids From Chocolate When Cocoa Butter Is Separated Out. Similar To Pure Unsweetened Chocolate, It Is Mood Boosting, Heart Healthy, And Packed With Micronutrients And Antioxidants. No Wonder It Was Once Considered "Food Of The Gods".

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  • Non-GMO Roasted California Almond

    Celebrated for their superior quality and exceptional taste. A dietary staple for health-conscious individuals, these almonds are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy fats, offering numerous health benefits when consumed regularly. Enjoy them as a delicious snack or incorporate them into your daily routine to improve your overall well-being.

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  • Non-GMO USA Roasted Peanut

    Replace your genetically modified peanuts, Added Sugar, And Hydrogenated Oils, We're Talking About 100% Natural Peanut Butter! A Great Source Of Macro & Micronutrients, Natural Peanut Butter Is Packed With Protein, Fiber, And Monounsaturated Fat - The Same Type Found In The Darling Of The Cooking World, extra virgin olive oil.

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  • Organic Sri Lankan Coconut Cream

    Naturally sweet and luscious, it's the perfect alternative to dairy! It’s packed with fiber, vitamins B (aids in forming red blood cells), C, and E (antioxidants), along with essential minerals like iron, selenium, calcium, and magnesium - A truly nutritional powerhouse. Plus, it contains medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils, known for reducing body fat and enhancing mental clarity. 

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  • non-gmo tapioca fiber (non-imo)

    Sourced from Cassava -  a beloved vegetable in Asia and South America - Tapioca Fiber is a natural sweetener that promotes satiety and improves gut health. Tapioca Fiber (Non-IMO) also doubles as an easy way to get extra dietary prebiotic fiber with no spike in blood sugar. Sweet! Literally.

  • Non-gmo allulose

    Allulose is a natural rare sugar found in fruits like figs and raisins. With no glycemic response, Allulose is one of the best sweeteners for diabetics, helps reduce body fat, and curbs inflammatory responses. Early studies suggest it may even aid in controlling blood sugar levels.

  • non-gmo monk fruit extract

    Monk fruit is a natural sweetener derived from the renowned "Immortals' Fruit." Extracted from the juice of crushed monk fruit, it contains mogroside antioxidants that provide intense sweetness without the calories or carbs of fructose and glucose. With zero calories and zero carbs, it's a guilt-free sweetening option that avoids the side effects of artificial sweeteners. How sweet is that!