The Benefits of Dark Chocolate and How It Helps During the Tough Times

The Benefits of Dark Chocolate and How It Helps During the Tough Times

Although growing up, you might have had a parent or guardian that said chocolate was bad for you, they were lying—okay, maybe fibbing. While chocolate has a bad reputation, dark chocolate is the older sibling that always does stuff right, and everyone loves. With antioxidants and heart health benefits, dark chocolate is a bad habit that's not actually bad for you.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrition. One 100-gram bar of dark chocolate has 11 grams of fiber, more than half your daily needs for magnesium, iron, and manganese, and almost twice your daily copper needs. 10 out of 10 doctors (which we're not) advise getting your daily allotment of minerals (and although we agree, we can't give medical advice. So just go with what the docs say.)

It's also jam packed with antioxidants that can help lower cholesterol. It improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and reduces heart disease chances. Studies have even shown that dark chocolate improves brain function. All this great nutrition talk means that dark chocolate keto chocolates, diabetic-friendly snacks, or low-carb treats are actually part of a balanced diet.

Dark Chocolate and The Pandemic

The pandemic was an unprecedented time that threw many people into depression and sadness that they had never experienced before. The uncertainty, isolation, and loss of security, jobs, and family or friends left many of us feeling more downtrodden than ever. As a result, it might be more difficult to get out of bed, it might seem impossible to see the silver lining, or you might have a wildly swinging mood.

The bright side is that eating dark chocolate feels good and is good for this scenario. This is because dark chocolate stimulates the creation of endorphins. Endorphins are the A-Team for spirit-lifting, creating feelings of pleasure and happiness. That's not all, though. Dark chocolate is basically a natural anti-depressant, containing mood bosting serotonin.

It can reduce anxiety and improve symptoms of clinical depression, making it an excellent natural mood enhancer. This makes your favorite dark chocolate diabetic-friendly treats, keto snacks, and low-carb sweets a sweet deal, without the sugar!

The Catch

As good as dark chocolate is for you, there's a catch; it's only as good as the things it's combined with. So if you want all the benefits of dark chocolate with no drawbacks, it's crucial to source it from somewhere that doesn't combine it with chemical additives or added sugar.

Dark Chocolate That's Good For You

The best benefit of dark chocolate is that it makes our hearts happy, literally! There's a reason chocolate keeps dementors away, and it's not just its anti-inflammatory properties. Integrating dark chocolate into your diet is an easy and enjoyable way to get health benefits without feeling like you're choking down some wonder-food that still tastes awful.

Our dark chocolate treats are full of all the benefits without the additives that counteract them. Keto-friendly, diabetic-friendly, weight loss-friendly, and delicious, our dark chocolate treats are the perfect way to indulge guilt-free. Take a look at our box of chocolates to see which one you'll pick as your superfood supplement!
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