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Dr. Ryan Lowery – CEO of, author of The Ketogenic Bible, President of the Applied Science and Performance Institute and KetoPhD

Thomas DeLauer – Celebrity Trainer & Health Author (3.2M subscribers and over 352M views)
  • “Stumbled across Keto Krack’d at Metabolic Health Summit this year and OMG it’s like it brought me back to childhood with real candy-like flavor. Only problem is… You’ll need 50 bags.”
Dr. Nasha Winters – Global Health Care Authority & Best Selling Author
  • “Though it has easily been 25 years since I enjoyed my favorite candy bar, the Butterfinger, it was an absolute delight and surprise to take a tastebud walk down memory lane with an upgraded and satisfying version that will now be a treasured treat on occasion! Thank you for bringing some upgraded comfort treats to a population (cancer thrivers) where the original version is now off limits for too many reasons to describe in this testimonial!”
Dr. Elena GrossFounder KetoSwiss, a Swiss biotech startup that develops highly potent therapeutic ketones for neurological disease prevention. She has also been featured in high-ranking publications
  • “Absolutely delicious and yet super clean and with organic ingredients at the same time! Keto Krack’d has very quickly become my favorite treat without spiking and crashing my blood sugar. As a neuroscientist and PhD, this and the quality of ingredients is very important to me.”

iHeartKeto - We first met Willy Kwak of Keto Krack’d at KetoCon in Austin, Texas, and we were actually a bit embarrassed because we couldn’t stop eating his delicious keto-friendly candy!

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